Moving Out

Moving out? Let’s make the transition smooth, fair and sustainable!

Here are 5 steps to help you avoid last-minute moving chaos, and to ensure that rooms and shared spaces are left as clean as you’d want them if you were moving in.

1. Start Early

Three weeks before move-out day

Plan ahead and make a list.

Spend some time each day planning, organizing and cleaning to avoid last-minute chaos and pesky housekeeping assessments.

Think about what you want to keep, donate and toss.

Items like bookshelves, sports equipment, mirrors or kitchen gear can be donated if in good condition. See below for more information about donating.

Redirect your mail with your new address by heading here.

Or, authorize another person to pick your mail up for you by emailing

2. Sort & Donate

Two weeks before move-out day

  • Put your plan into action and start organizing your things into four categories:





  • Donate gently-used items you no longer need to the Residence Donation Centre in Nechako’s Gathering Room, which is open April 15-27. Our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters helps keep these items out of the waste stream so they can find a new home in the community!
  • Is it trash? Remember, some items do belong in the garbage. See below for more info!
Our Donation Wishlist
  • Gently-used apparel and footwear
  • Gently-used bedding and linens
  • Good condition kitchenware
  • Appliances like mini fridges, kettles, toasters
  • Household items like shoe racks, mirrors, lamps, hangers
  • Sports equipment
  • Electronics
  • Unopened, non-perishable food
  • Unopened toiletries or cleaning products
  • Books, binders, magazines and stationery
Trash & Recycling
  • Opened or perishable food items
  • Opened or used toiletries
  • Used cleaning supplies
  • Ripped, stained or damaged clothing
  • Ripped, stained or damaged bedding
  • Anything broken
  • Used notepads, school supplies
  • Cardboard
Other Donation Options
  • Take your unopened non-perishable food or hygiene products and toiletries to the Pantry Student Food Bank.
  • Donate or consign textbooks at the SUO’s Paper & Supply Co.
  • Join a Facebook buy-and-sell group, list you item for sale, and make money!
  • Consign gently-used sports equipment at Play It Again Sports.
  • Donate your personal items at Value Village, and receive a coupon for future purchases. 

3. Pack

One week before move-out day

Pack a little bit every day.

You’ll be surprised how many things you can pack up in advance.

Don’t procrastinate! 

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Remove all your belongings, garbage and food.


If you need to store any of your belongings for next year, consider renting a storage locker.

4. Clean

Move-out week

Time to clean! If you have roommates, make sure you create a plan and schedule together.

Complete our detailed cleaning checklist to avoid a housekeeping assessment.

We'll be distributing garbage bags to help you remove any waste.

Be thorough, respectful and leave nothing behind.

Cleaning Checklists

5. Check out

Move-out day

Complete Last-Minute Steps

  • Shut off lights.
  • Turn down heat/AC.
  • Close your windows and blinds.
  • Lock all windows and doors.

Drop-off Your Keys

The Residence Donation Room will be open in Nechako's Gathering Room on:

*April 15th-19th: 4PM-9PM

*April 20th-23rd: 2PM-9PM

*April 24th-26th: 12PM-12AM

*April 27th: 8AM-1PM