Moving Out

The 5 Steps

Moving out at the end of term? Let’s make the transition smooth, fair and sustainable—for everyone! Here are 5 steps to help you avoid last-minute moving chaos and to ensure that rooms and shared spaces are left as clean as you’d want them if you were moving in.

1. Plan

  • Start early to make your move out smooth. Spend some time each day packing and cleaning to avoid last-minute chaos, housekeeping assessments.
  • Figure out what you’ll keep, donate or recycle. Items like printers, bookshelves, mini-fridges, sports equipment, mirrors or kitchen gear. Donate items in good condition.
  • Go find your house or residence donation zone so you’re ready when you start packing. You’ll see bins for used books, electronic waste, used clothes, household items and non-perishable food. Can’t find it? Ask your RA!

2. Sort

  • Put your plan into action: Moving out sustainably means trying to recycle or donate your unwanted belongings. Organize your items into four categories – keep, donate, recycle, or waste – for maximum efficiency!
  • Donate items at your residence donation zone starting in early-April. Remember: Some items do belong in the garbage, like broken, soiled or ripped stuff & half-eaten/used foods that can’t be recycled or composted.

3. Pack

  • Pack a little bit every day. You’ll be surprised how many things you can pack up in advance.
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute! Remove all your belongings, garbage and food.
  •  Tip: If you need to store any of your belongings for next year, consider renting a storage locker.

4. Clean

  • It’s time to clean! Create a cleaning plan. Complete our detailed cleaning checklist to avoid a housekeeping assessment. Be thorough, respectful, and leave nothing behind.
  • Be thorough, respectful and leave nothing behind.

5a. Redirect and Disconnect

  • Redirect your mail with your new address.  If you believe you will be receiving a parcel following moving out you can authorize another person to pick it up for you. Please send an email to: with their name, your name and your student number.  Any unclaimed mail will be returned to sender.  
  • Disconnect any service providers you have contracted (Shaw, Telus, Rogers, etc).

5b. Check out!

  • Shut off lights, turn down heat/AC, close your windows and blinds, lock all windows and doors.
  • Drop off your Check Out Envelope (with your keys enclosed) to the Nechako Housing Office.  There is an after hours drop slot as well.
Cleaning & departure checklists