Cleaning & Departure Checklist

Moving out? Check out our cleaning and departure checklist below.

Remember: while individuals are responsible for private bedrooms, all roommates are responsible for common areas. Print off this handy checklist to ensure the cleaning is shared equally among everyone, or grab a copy at the Student Housing Front Desk.

Cleaning expectations, by residence


Single Connected




All residents

  • Remove adhesive from walls
  • Put furniture back in its original location.
  • Wipe walls and surfaces, and vacuum floors.
  • Remove any food or items belonging to you.
  • Remove personal items, furniture and anything else that wasn’t in the unit when you arrived.
  • Take all garbage and recycling to your residence waste sorting area.
  • Ensure all donations are taken to the Residence Donation room in Nechako, and sorted correctly!


All residents

  • Remove any garbage and furniture that didn’t come with the room.
  • Remove stickers, decorations, hooks, cobwebs from ceiling and walls.
  • Wipe walls and closet shelves. Clear dust and dirt from window ledges and baseboards.
  • Empty and wipe desk/dresser drawers.
  • Spot clean desk chair upholstery if required.
  • Wipe down both sides of mattress.
  • Wipe bed frame, including corners.
  • Pull furniture out and vacuum/wash floor.
  • Wipe dust/dirt from your air conditioner.
  • Place bed frame to 4th notch from the bottom.
  • Lock bedroom door when finished (does not apply to 1 bedroom or studio units).


All residents

  • Empty and unlock all drawers, cupboards and closets. Lock your room door. Leave nothing behind.
  • Return residence keys to the Front Desk.

Cleaning Tips!

We discovered these videos in the Residence Life archives. Some things don’t age well—like early 2010s iPhone footage—but tips on how to clean are ageless.

Watch these videos for great tips on how to clean your bathroom, stovetop and oven.

How to clean your bathroom
How to clean your stovetop
How to clean your oven


Single connected | Studio | One-bedroom suite | Four-bedroom suite

  • Remove garbage and recycling
  • Clean walls and baseboards
  • Clean shower stall, sink, tap, counter, mirror
  • Clean toilet tank, bowl and toilet base
  • Empty and wipe inside and out of drawers and cupboards
  • Sweep and wash floor


Studio | One-bedroom suite | Four-bedroom suite

  • Remove all garbage and recycling, food and beverage items
  • Clean walls and baseboards
  • Wipe cupboards inside and out, drawers, counters, backsplash, sink and taps
  • Table—wipe
  • Fridge—thoroughly wipe down inside and out
  • Stove—clean outside porcelain surfaces, inside oven, burners and drip pans
  • Microwave—thoroughly wipe down inside and out
  • Sweep and wash floor

Living areas & Hallways

Studio | One-bedroom suite | Four-bedroom suite

  • Clear walls of all tape and adhesives
  • Wipe down walls and both sides of entry door
  • Return furniture to its original place
  • Remove stickers, decorations, hooks, cobwebs from ceiling and walls
  • Wipe walls, window ledges, baseboards, tables and wood surfaces
  • Vacuum and spot clean upholstered furniture
  • Remove dust and dirt from the air conditioner
  • Vacuum/wash floors