2020/2021 Meal Plans & Fees

Mandatory meal plan for residents at Cassiar, Kalamalka, Nicola, Purcell, Valhalla, Skeena and Similkameen Place.

Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Due on acceptance $800.00 $800.00 $800.00 $800.00
Second payment due
September 21, 2020
$979.84 $1,388.08 $1,823.32 $2,346.04
Final payment due
January 8, 2021
$1,895.20 $2,329.90 $2,793.35 $3,3349.95
Total $3,675.04 $4,517.98 $5,416.67 $6,495.99
Basic meal dollars* $3,327.16 $3,840.06 $4,332.89 $4,870.32
Flex dollars $347.88 $677.92 $1,083.78 $1,625.67

Optional meal plans for students in Lower/Upper Cascades and Monashee Place.

Standard Plan Semester Plan Convenience Plan
Basic meal dollars* $3,326.40 $1,663.20 N/A
Flex dollars $347.20 $173.60 $5 (minimum)
Total cost $3,673.60 $1,836.80 $5

Full payment due upon purchase.

*Basic dollars are tax-free and can be used at most dining locations on campus for meals and most single-serve non-alcoholic beverages.  Flex dollars are taxable and are used for other on-campus purchases (gum, candy, chips, toiletries, convenience and grocery store items), at our off-campus dining partners, and all campus dining locations.

Unused Meal Plan Funds

This section refers to all levels of Mandatory Meal Plan, Standard Plan and Semester Plan.

If there is money left on the Meal Plan at the end of the year, there are two options;

  1. Any unused funds, both Basic Meal Plan Dollars and Flex Dollars, will be automatically placed in a carryover plan. This carryover plan can be used for future on-campus food purchases but is 100% non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash and/or applied as payment to any other UBC Food Services accounts. Once in the carryover plan, these funds do not expire.
  2. If you do not wish to have your meal plan placed in a carryover account you may request a partial refund on the terms set out below within seven (7) days after your contract cancellation or your Move-Out Date. Refunds are requested using the refund form available online or in the Housing Office. To qualify for a refund a minimum amount of $50 is required. If you request a refund:
    • 66% of unused Basic Meal Plan Dollars are refunded, with the remaining 34% retained by UBC Food Services. Unused Flex Dollars are refunded at 100%. All refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee.
    • You may request a refund of your Flex Dollars only and allow your Basic Meal Plan Dollars to automatically be placed in a carryover plan. The Flex Dollars will be refunded at 100% minus a $25 administration fee.
    • Refunds are initiated once you have completed the refund form and residence check-out procedures. Refunds are processed using the initial method of payment.

With respect to refunds please note that the 34% non-refundable portion of the meal plan covers the cost of making quality food services available for residents at convenient times.