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Residence Committees

Our four committees are made up of students guided by Residence Advisors and Residence Life Managers who want to make a difference for their community through running events and building relationships. Learn more below:


Academics Committee For students who love organizing targeted study nights, exam stressbusters, and events where their peers can learn about different majors, academic opportunities, and resources on campus.
Athletics Committee For students with a love for sports! They organize residence-wide sports tournaments, and find low-key ways to get residents involved in athletics like residence nights at the gym and viewing parties for large sporting events.
Leadership Committee For students dedicated to building community and UBCO school spirit. They run social events around holidays in Canada and around the world, and look for ways to connect students across campus.
Appeals Committee  For students dedicated to people having their voice heard. This committee handles any appeals related to the Residence Standards Process. When a resident submits an appeal following an incident in residence this committee meets to hear the appeal and submit recommendations for an outcome to Residence Life Managers.

How can I get involved? 
Students can get involved in two ways. As a general committee member they contribute ideas, complete tasks related to events like advertising, shopping and set-up ect. Students can also be involved as a co-chair. Co-chairs work with Program Resource Advisors and Residence Life Managers to handle the logistics of running an event like task delegation and leading the committee to ensure everything that needs to be done is getting done!

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