Integrated Learning Communities


Integrated Learning Communities (ILCs) are a unique opportunity to live in a close-knit community with peers who share similar interests and values. Plus, each ILC is supported by its very own faculty or staff member who provides tailored extra-curricular programs and educational opportunities.

The application for 2018-19 is now closed. Applications are available in May each year.

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Learn more about the eight ILCs at UBC’s Okanagan campus:

Expressive Arts ILC
Establish outlets for expression through performance or visual arts. Opportunities in the Performing Arts ILC include music and dance, painting, writing, poetry readings, and art expos. All interested residents are welcome to apply, regardless of experience in the art industry.
Indigenous ILC
The dimensions of who we are, history, genealogy, and culture inform the deeper roots of our identity. A sense of community, the concept of place and connection to place, will form the basis of this Indigenous Learning Community through the spirit of mutual engagement, respect, trust and ceremony. This is an enriching, intercultural living environment that is co-supportive for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Residents have opportunities to connect with the Okanagan people by participating in Salmon Feasts, learning from Elders and attending traditional Indigenous celebrations.
International and Global Leadership ILC
The International and Global Leadership ILC is a place where cultural diversity is apparent, discussed and celebrated. The community was created to promote understanding of the increasingly distinct cultures at UBC. International students and domestic students alike spend the academic year learning about diversity, world issues and each other. It is an opportunity for the students who make up the community to explore new cultures and build an understanding of the complex issues facing the world today.
Healthy Living ILC
Every student has heard of “the freshman 15” and the rigors of balancing a highly independent lifestyle. The Healthy Living ILC is an opportunity for students to become involved in a community that is active, engaged and focused on personal development. Through wellness-based activities, campus partnerships and community involvement, students will take on an active role in enhancing their wellness in a dynamic environment supported by a Residence Advisor who has a strong background in the field.
Leadership and Civic Engagement ILC
The Leadership and Civic Engagement ILC applies a student centered approach for residents to develop their leadership skills while learning to understand others, and promoting social change. Guided by an experienced Residence Advisor, members of this community, along with campus partners, seek to provide an open, honest and sensitive environment to examine attitudes, prejudices, and actions that exist within all communities. This is a community where opinions are openly discussed and where there is potential to realize real social change.
Sustainable Leadership ILC
This integrated living community can explore aspects of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Students will focus on raising awareness of the term “sustainability” as well as local and global environmental processes and concerns by creating conversation about the world that we live in. Students will develop and implement programming and action plans that promote sustainable habits in our day-to-day lives. This is an ILC that can learn together, share their knowledge with peers, and make an impact in their community.
Innovation and Technology ILC
This ILC provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and develop their interests in the realms of entrepreneurship, problem solving, technology, and innovative thought. Participants will develop a unique vision and climate for their living and learning experience through encompassing inventive idea generation, advancements in technology, and intentional partnerships. Students will get opportunities for networking, programming, and relationship building with campus and community technology and innovation hubs.
Studying There and Back Again ILC

The Studying There and Back Again Community provides an opportunity for students studying abroad to mingle with like-minded domestic students who are hoping to study in another country during their university experience. Together, these students will create joint experiences and memories that will enhance their global endeavours. This ILC is open to all students – domestic, international, exchange, and returning from Go Global who have a passion for global pursuits and international wayfaring.

Please note that the residence area that you are assigned to is determined based on your ILC.