Work in Residence Life

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It’s more than just a job!

We’re looking for passionate, dedicated, caring UBCO students from across the residence community to join our vibrant team in 2023/24.

Working in Residence Life is a valuable way to build important leadership skills, help other students succeed socially and academically, and earn income during the school year.

Residence Life staff inspire communities, plan events, lend an ear when needed, and—most importantly—help create lifelong memories for residents and themselves.


“Being an RA taught me how to show up and helped me strive to be a better version of myself.” – Zainah

“As an RA, I have made many lifelong friends, and had some amazing experiences on campus.” – Bradley

“It has definitely been the most rewarding job I have had as I feel like I am able to give support to residents and impact them in meaningful ways.” – Kassie

Types of jobs

Residence Advisor (RA)

No experience required.

Application Deadline: Applications for 2023-2024 now closed

Senior Residence Advisor (SRA)

Residence work experience required.

Application Deadline: Applications for 2023-2024 now closed

Programming Resource Advisor

Residence work experience required.

Application Deadline: Applications for 2023-2024 now closed


New Applicants
To learn more about the Residence Advisor job and the selection process, we invite you to attend an information session.

Recruitment Calendar 2022-2023 Academic Year

Mon. Nov. 21, 2022 Applications open
Dec. 1, 2022 at 7 PM RA Hiring Information Night (Nechako Gathering Room) 
Jan. 18, 2023 at 7PM RA Hiring Information Night (Nechako Gathering Room)
Tues. Jan. 10, 2023 Last day to apply for returning applicants (Application is open until 11:59 pm)
Sun. Jan. 23, 2023 Last day to apply for new applicants (Application is open until 11:59 pm)
Jan. 21-Feb. 11, 2023 Interviews
Aug. 2023 Mandatory two-week training



RAs Daryus, Spandan and Kirti took to Instagram Live to answer your Q&As about being a Residence Advisor at UBCO. Watch their short video, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions below!

Student Stories

Daryus Ahmed

Hello future RA’s! my name is Daryus Ahmed and I am a Senior Residence Advisor at Monashee Place.

Joining Residence Life, I had no idea what to expect. However now being part of my second year as an RA I can safely say that this has been the best decision of my life. As an RA I have made strong connections with my residents, meet coworkers who share my common interests and most importantly gotten the best opportunity to give back to the community. 

At the end of my first year as a RA I knew that this was the perfect job but I was unsure if I wanted to take it up a notch as it was my final year and I had to balance a few more commitments. After a chat with my wonderful Residence Life Manager (RLM) about the role, they provided me with excellent advice and made me realize my true potential and how I would be able to settle in this role. Personally, my previous senior RA did such a great job in this role that I truly did want to carry on his legacy and make a good addition to the team. 

Wrapping up my first term as a Senior RA I can definitely say that I feel so proud leading a team of such talented and great individuals. Over the course of my two years as an RA I can definitely say my favourite memories include hosting seasonal programs and going over move in week! 

Overall, I have been able to improve upon skills such as leadership, conflict facilitation, and active listening, which I will carry with me throughout my professional life. Finally, I have loved being part of such an active community of people who call Monashee home. I truly do encourage you to apply to Residence Life and watch it change your life! 

Go Monashee!! Go Residence Life!! 

Daryus Ahmed
RA, Monashee

Madeleine Labonte

My name is Madeleine Labonte and I am a Senior resident advisor with UBCO.

This job has brought me so many great opportunities and skills that I will be happy to apply to all my future endeavours. My favourite thing about being an RA is the sense of family that comes with the job. Every step of the way I feel as though I have help and guidance. As a Senior resident advisor I love being able to be the person who gives back by doing that for my RA team! 

Madeleine Labonte

Amelie Letvinchuk

Hi my name is Amelie Letvinchuk and I’m a residence advisor in Similkameen! 

I applied to be a RA because I wanted the opportunity to push myself to connect with people and to help give others the same positive first year experience I had. Looking back I never could have predicted how much this job would teach me, from how to build community, to conflict management, to adaptability and professionalism; the learning opportunities are endless. The skills I’ve learnt from being an RA are skills that I will be able to use throughout all aspects of my life. Additionally it’s been amazing to be a part of the RA community and having the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and diverse team. The RAs all really strive to create a positive and inclusive residence community and it’s been incredible to be a part of that.  

Amelie Letvinchuk
RA, Similkameen

Spandan Ghevriya

Hey! My name is Spandan Ghevriya and I’m a Residence Advisor in Purcell.  

When I first applied to be an RA, I did it because I wanted to help people. However, this job has taught me things far beyond just that. It feels like I have created a home away from home. It has taught me about what it means to create and to be part of a loving & inclusive community. This job has allowed me to grow professionally and as an individual in multiple ways. I have learnt how manage tough situations, build connections, manage conflicts, and support your peers through meaningful skills such as active listening and empathy.  

 What I enjoy the most about being an RA is collaborating with other RAs to host fun events for the residents. From organizing events with your colleagues, to having a great time hosting them for your residents, you get to enjoy every aspect of it! I build a stronger connection with my residents with each event I host. I am grateful to be part of an incredibly supportive and fun community. This job is close to my heart and will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  

Spandan Ghevriya
RA, Purcell

Zahyra Alyamani

Hey! My name is Zahra Alyamani and I’m a Residence Advisor in Purcell.  

Being a part of the residence life team has allowed me to not only connect with a diverse group of people, but has also enhanced my ability to think both critically and creatively to help develop and support a community.

Zahra Alyamani
RA, Kalamalka

Fanfei Wang

Being an RA allows you to use your unique talents to promote residents’ well-being and create fun for everyone to enjoy.   

Being an RA allows you to use your unique talents to promote residents’ well-being and create fun for everyone to enjoy. 


Bio: Hey there! My name is Fanfei Wang and I am an Resident Advisor in Valhalla (up the hill!).  

I applied to become an RA to extend the caring resident community I was a part of to the new first years. I chose to work in a traditional single-connected residence because I am social and enjoy helping others. Working in these types of buildings means you must input a lot of creative ideas together with your team, because you’re the first people who create what university life is like for first-year students. As an RA, I have learned to be more sensitive to residents’ needs and tailor activities toward them. Although at first I didn’t know what to expect in the interactions I have with residents, in fact they appreciate our efforts (a resident once told me I made her feel welcomed by helping her with the laundry). The kindness you create and the unique connection you have with the residents– to help them thrive, are the most rewarding parts of the job.  

Being an RA means you ensure residents’ well-being and safety using the resources you learned from the training and your own experience. But know that you’re never alone because you have a big team to back you up and accommodate you. The Residence Life team is a fun, close-knit and caring community.    

Overall, being an RA has given me many opportunities to serve the residence-wide population, let ideas happen– whether it relates to charity, art, or culture, and has taught me the importance of teamwork. 

Fanfei Wang
RA, Valhalla


About the application process

How do I apply?

1. Go to the login page here.

  • If you have signed in before (for example, to fill out or access your Roommate Agreement), sign in with your email and password.
  • If you haven’t signed in before, click “create account” to the right and fill in the required fields.

2. If you have lived on or applied for housing at UBCO before, please ensure you use the same email address that you use with the housing application.

3. You will receive an emailed link to sign in to eRez.

  • Once you’ve signed in, you will see a menu on the left that says “Jobs”, click on “Job Postings” under that menu to view the current available job postings and to fill out your application
  • If you have any issues while trying to access the application, please contact us at
Can I apply if I haven't lived in residence?
Yes, we accept applications from all UBC students.

What should I include in my application?
Include all past work and volunteer experience, along with your answers to the questions in the online application. No need to include a resume or cover letter.
Do I also need to apply to live in residence?
Yes, you will need to apply to live in residence. If you are selected for a Residence Life position, you will then be guaranteed a space in residence.
Can I apply for more than one job type?

Yes, apply for each position separately if you are interested and have the relevant experience for more than one job type.

I'm here on a student visa. Can I apply?
Yes. If selected for a position, you will need a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).
Are graduate students able to apply to be a Residence Advisor?

Yes, graduate students are welcome to apply to be Residence Advisors.

After I've applied

What is a carousel interview?

This is an interview process where a group of 8 candidates move through a set of stations together.

How flexible is my schedule during the mandatory two-week orientation in August?
The orientation is a full-time, intensive training period. It is expected that you schedule any other commitments outside of the orientation.
If hired, would I be able to choose my own residence assignment?

Residence Advisors are intentionally placed throughout the Residence community to ensure that each small area Advisor team is balanced with the different strengths and characteristics needed to support diverse residence communities. Residence Life Managers will work to place you in an area that will be a successful living and working environment for you and with teammates that will complement your own strengths.

If I haven't lived in residence before, where can I find out more about the different residences?
You can find out more on our website under residences.

More about the job

If I am offered a position, will I have opportunities to take time away?

Residence Advisors are able to take a specified amount of time away during the year. All requests must be approved in advance by the Residence Life management team.

Your schedule will give you the opportunity to visit friends and family. You are required to stay in residence 5 nights per week. One of these nights will be a Friday or Saturday each week. You will be planning the schedule with your team on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, you will be required to attend Residence Life staff meetings every Monday evening.

Will I be required to work during Reading Break?
You are expected to be present for at least half of Reading Break. The schedule will be determined by your Residence Life team.
Will I be required to work during the holiday break (late-December to early-January)?
Most staff are able to take time off during the holiday break and are required to work until the last day of exams in December.

Some RAs volunteer to stay on throughout the break in residence areas that remain open during the holidays.

Where can I find more information about job expectations?
Please refer to the applicable job description above.

Are RAs permitted to accept other paid commitments at UBC?
Advisors may be able to take on additional employment, but must have it approved by their Residence Life Manager.
How long would my contract be?
Residence Advisors are offered 8 month contracts (late-August to late-April). However, we do hire some Residence Advisors for the summer months through a subsequent hiring process, which takes place in February.
Who can I ask if I have additional questions?
Please reach out to for support with any questions that you may have.