Work in Residence Life


Can I apply if I haven't lived in residence?
Yes, we accept applications from all UBC students.
If I haven't lived in residence before, where can I find out more about the different residences?
You can find out more on our website under residences.
I'm here on a student visa. Can I apply?
Yes. If selected for a position, you will need a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).
What should I include in my application?
Include all past work and volunteer experience, along with your answers to the questions in the online application.
What is it like to be an RA during COVID?

During COVID-19, building community and supporting students has become more important than ever. Residence Advisors work to ensure that students have opportunities to safely connect with one another.

Do I also need to apply to live in residence?
Yes, you will need to apply to live in residence. If you are selected for a Residence Life position, you will then be guaranteed a space in residence.
Can I apply for more than one job type?
Yes, apply for each separately.
If I'm hired, can I choose my own residence assignment?
Will I have the opportunity to return home from time to time?
Your schedule will give you the opportunity to visit friends and family. You are required to stay in residence 5 nights per week. One of these nights will be a Friday or Saturday each week. You will be planning the schedule with your team on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, you will be required to attend Residence Life staff meetings every Monday evening.

If I am offered a position, will I have opportunities to take time away (e.g., for holidays, academic events, etc.?
Residence Advisors are able to take a specified amount of time away during the year. All requests must be approved in advance by the Residence Life management team.
Will I be required to work during Reading Break?
You are expected to be present for at least half of Reading Break. The schedule will be determined by your Residence Life team.
Will I be required to work during the holiday break (late-December to early-January)?
Most staff are able to take time off during the holiday break and are required to work until the last day of exams in December.

Some RAs volunteer to stay on throughout the break in residence areas that remain open during the holidays.

Where can I find more information about job expectations?
Please refer to the applicable job description above.

Are RAs permitted to accept other paid commitments at UBC?
Advisors may be able to take on additional employment, but must have it approved by their Residence Life Manager.
Who can I ask if I have additional questions?
Please reach out to for support with any questions that you may have.
Are graduate students able to apply to be a Residence Advisor?

Yes, graduate students are welcome to apply to be Residence Advisors.

How long is my contract?
Residence Advisors are offered 8 month contracts (late-August to late-April). However, we do hire some Residence Advisors for the summer months through a subsequent hiring process, which takes place in February.
How flexible is my schedule during the mandatory two-week orientation in August?
The orientation is a full-time, intensive training period. It is expected that you schedule any other commitments outside of the orientation.