Returning Students


 “Interesting roommates, convenient study spaces, and grassy areas all combine to create a positive study environment that helps me balance working hard with having fun.”

Applications for 2024-2025 academic year now closed
Many students apply to live in residence after their first year to avoid the stress and uncertainty of finding affordable accommodation off campus. Plus, all students in residence can access convenient programs that support learning and well-being. Most upper-year students are placed in a suite-style residence with a kitchen, either in a four-bedroom suite with roommates, one-bedroom suite, or a studio suite.

How to apply for Winter Session Residence

A limited number of Winter Session Residence beds are available for returning students. Enrollment at UBCO is growing, and the majority of these spaces are assigned to students who qualify for the First-Year Guarantee and other new-to-UBC students. As a result, there is more demand than supply. Returning students must apply by Feb. 1, 2024. In mid-February, we will use the Residence Allocation Process (RAP) to randomly determine each returning student’s application status and one of two things will happen:

  1. You will get an offer to live in residence. A deposit will be required to secure your spot. We’ll send specific residence assignment details in the summer.
  2. You will receive a waitlist number. You can monitor this number online and could receive an offer to live in residence at any time, even after September, if a space opens up. This has been known to happen due to cancellations, co-op terms or other unpredictable scenarios.


Students who aren’t offered a spot in residence are put on a waitlist and are offered spaces as other students cancel.  Each student can monitor their waitlist number through their SHCS Online Service Centre.

Living Learning Communities

Typically, UBC Okanagan has a unique program that allows students with similar interests to live near each other. Living Learning Communities in residence are paired with a faculty or staff member who spends extra time planning educational opportunities and programs tailored to each community. LLCs provide a unique opportunity for students to live among like-minded peers and advance their own personal and professional goals.

Summer Housing

Want to stay on campus during the summer break? Learn how to apply here. We offer accommodation from May to August in four bedroom suites in Lower Cascades. We also have spaces available for eligible students from other universities or those enrolled in summer credit courses.

Other housing

Rooms in residence for returning students are not guaranteed. Applying does not guarantee an offer will be made and how we assign rooms depends on a number of factors. We appreciate your interest in residence but suggest it may be prudent to also investigate other housing options off-campus.