Getting Around

Moving to campus? Want to know the best ways to get around? You’ve come to the right place


1. To bring a car, or not to bring a car?

Some things to consider first:

85% of students living in residence at UBCO actually don’t bring a car with them when they move to campus.

You’d save around $3,600 for the year in parking permits, maintenance, gas and insurance by leaving your car at home!

Parking supply is extremely limited on campus, and parking is not guaranteed. There is a waitlist. More here.

2. Many necessities are just outside your door

UBCO has much of what you need here on campus. Which means you’re only steps away from …

Exercise facilities. There’s the UBC Hanger Fitness Centre, outdoor courts, a gym in Nechako Residence, and hiking trails steps from residence building.


Shops and convenience. Between Orchard Convenience, UBC Bookstore, and GreenText, UBCO has you covered for convenience items, sundries and other necessities.


Cafes and dining. UBCO is home to coffee shops (like Comma), franchise restaurants (like Starbucks), grab-and-go eateries like Rocket and Koi Sushi, and dining halls like Sunshine. Learn more here.


On-campus employment opportunities. There are many job opportunities for students living on UBCO campus, and which can accommodate your busy academic schedule. Check out the Job Board here.


Outdoor adventure and exercise. UBCO is nestled among rolling hills peppered with trails just outside your residence door. And in the winter you can snowshoe! You can find a map of UBCO’s trail system here. Or, check out this awesome Hiking for Newbies post.

No need to cook! Students with a meal plan have  >> unlimited <<  access to all-you-care-to-eat dining at Pritchard Dining Hall, which is open from early morning until late at night, seven days a week! Enter as many times, and eat as much as you want, with no restrictions.

Plus, Airport Village is also only 2 km from campus, where you’ll find…

Fast food

like Dairy Queen, Quesada Burritos, and Tim Horton’s.


like Grizzly Bear Bistro, DunnEnzies Pizza and Kaya Sushi.


You can use your Flex Dollars at   Nester’s Market!   

Drug Store

Pharmasave has all your basics, plus decor and gifts.

3. Online shopping and delivery is easy peasy

Clothing, electronics, items for your room, groceries, and even hot meals are all just a click away …

Food delivery


Grocery delivery (for a small fee) is available through Save-on Foods or Walmart. Simply place your order online, choose “delivery”, and enjoy!


Other necessities

Student Housing offers package and delivery service. Some great places to start:

  • Home goods: Looking for decor for your suite, bedding, toiletries or school supplies? Try Walmart.
  • Electronics: Best Buy and Staples are both great places to start.
  • Everything else: is your answer!

What’s my delivery address?

Head here and scroll down to “Residence Mailing Addresses”.

4. Other ways to get around

Your student card is also a bus pass, and it‘s already paid for through your fees! The Universal Bus Pass (U-PASS) provides all UBCO students with a unlimited access to Kelowna transit. UBCO’s rapid transit route, 97, goes straight through the city – past Orchard Park Mall – into downtown. Trip planning is available here, or download the transit app!

Taxi and Ride Sharing are great ways to get around. It takes about 13 minutes to get from campus into downtown Kelowna (and less time if you are going to the mall). Split the fare with friends and enjoy hassle-free car travel! Great options include Kelowna Cabs, Checkmate Cabs, Current Taxi, Uride, and Uber.

Borrow a bike or scooter through Lime bikes! This electric bikeshare and scooter program operates throughout Kelowna, and helmets are included. Borrowing starts at just $1. Learn more here.

5. Going car-free is eco-friendly!

Let’s not discount the environmental impact of curbing single-occupancy traffic, which students do when they leave their cars at home for the academic year.

Single-occupancy traffic causes roughly 25% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing the time we spend in our cars can have a huge impact on the climate.

Alternatives like transit, ride sharing, walking and cycling all help to lower carbon emissions. Kelowna Regional Transit provides great options for transit to and from UBCO, including a rapid bus service!
In 2019, after UBC declared a climate emergency, we announced our commitment to accelerating the reduction of emissions on both campuses. A key step was the development of our Climate Action Plan 2030.
We promise to implement strategies to reduce emissions from UBC’s core operations through clean energy solutions and energy-efficient technologies, and through our day-to-day activities, including commuting, food, waste and business air travel. We’d love it if you’d join us in our commitment!