Summer Fees

  • Summer Residence fees are calculated based on a daily rate. The daily rate is multiplied by the number of days that you will be staying in residence during the summer to determine your total fees.
  • Internet and utilities are included in Summer Residence rates.
  • Parking, cable TV, landline telephone, and meal plan are not included in Summer Residence rates.
Summer Residence
Due on acceptance Fees for move-in date to July 1  (or until your specific move-out date, if earlier than July 1)
Due June 18 Fees for July 1 to August 21 (or for your specific duration of stay within this period, if shorter)
Room Type Daily Rate 2021
Four Bedroom Cascades Unit  $28.25
Four Bedroom Monashee Unit Not available for 21S
Monashee Studio* $32.00
One Bedroom Monashee Unit* $37.00

*Very limited availability during summer.

Vantage College Term 3 Participants Only UBC Vancouver Campus Capstone Conference Accommodation
Dates pending TBD

*This fee is included in the summer instalment 2 fees due June 14 (Vantage College students only).
Rates in Canadian currency.