Essential Application Facts

All residence offers are sent by email. Failure to accept the offer and pay a deposit by the required deadline will result in cancellation. Separate residence applications are required to live in residence at UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver.


Winter Session Residence—Prospective Students.


Winter Session Residence—Returning Students

      • Runs September to April.
      • All applications are put into a computer system that randomly selects enough students to fill available spaces.
      • Apply by February 1 to qualify for the Residence Allocation Process (RAP).

Summer Stay-Through and Summer Housing

About Summer Stay-Through:

      • Begins at the end of Winter Session, ends in late August.
      • Reserved for students who have a current Residence Contract and want to stay in residence over the summer.
      • Application deadline: April 1. Apply online.

About Summer Housing:

      • Mid-May to mid-August.
      • Reserved for eligible students who do not currently live in residence.
      • Applications received by April 1 will be given first consideration. Apply online.

Early Arrival

    • Check eligibility before applying.
    • Early arrivals may be placed in a different room than assigned for remainder of the Winter Session. These residents will be required to move on short notice (less than 24 hours).
    • Early arrival fees may apply.