Move In Day

Move In Day UBCO Student Housing

Everything you need to know for moving into residence.

Summer Session Move In

Please see our Office Hours.

Please contact us if you will be arriving outside of office hours.

What to Expect

  1. Prepare—Complete these checklists: Before you leave home and what to pack.
  2. Arrive—Plan your route and look for the housing office in the Nicola residence building. Note any on-campus construction, which may affect vehicle and pedestrian routes.
  3. Check-in—Pick up your unit keys and welcome materials at the housing office.
  4. Unload— Make sure someone stays with the vehicle to move it as soon as you have emptied your car.
  5. Unpack—Make sure your vehicle has been moved to long-term parking. Family members and friends are welcome to stay and help.
  6. Recharge—Bring water and snacks and take a break.
  7. Get settled—Prepare to meet your residence community.