Places to Eat


There are many nutritious, convenient food options available for UBCO residents.

Students who have a meal plan can simply swipe their card at the cash register and the appropriate amount will be deducted from the balance.

Please click through the links below for hours and additional information.

Name Location Meal plan dollars used*
Green Thread Market University Centre Basic and flex
Sunshine Cafe Admin Building Basic and flex
E.M. Eats EME Building Basic and flex
Subway Arts & Science Centre Basic and flex
Starbucks Fipke Building Basic and flex
Revvup Arts Building Basic and flex
Tim Hortons Library Basic and flex
The Hot Spot Monashee Residence Basic and flex
Comma Commons Basic and flex
The Well Pub University Centre Basic and flex
Green Bean Coffee House University Centre Basic and flex
Koi Sushi Bar University Centre Basic and flex
Momo Sushi Off-campus, Downtown Flex
Gulfstream Off-campus, Airport Flex
Fresh Slice Off-campus, Academy Hill Flex
Okanagan Pizza Off campus, Rutland Flex
Gueng Korean Restaurant Off campus, Downtown Flex
EK’s Grill Off campus, Glenmore Flex
Wing N It Pizza Off campus, Rutland & Glenmore Flex
Nature’s Fare Markets Off campus, Orchard Plaza Flex
Vietnam Village Off campus, Parkinson Rec. Centre Flex
Pita Pit Off campus, Downtown Flex
Wokbox Off campus, Superstore Flex
Fresh Slice Off campus, Downtown Flex
Kaya Sushi & Grill Off campus, Airport Village Flex
DunnEnnzies Pizza Co. Off campus, Airport Village Flex
HQ49 Off campus, Rutland Flex
Formosa Tea Cafe Off campus, Harvey and Cooper Flex
Dairy Queen Off campus, Airport Village Flex
Parlour Ice Cream Off campus, Downtown Flex
MTL montREALfood Off campus, Kirschner Flex
Academy Corner Store Off campus, Academy Hill Flex
Quesada Burritos & Tacos Off campus, Airport Village Flex

*Basic dollars are tax-free and can be used at most dining locations on campus for meals and most single-serve non-alcoholic beverages.  Flex dollars are taxable and are used for other on-campus purchases (gum, candy, chips, toiletries, convenience and grocery store items), at our off-campus dining partners, and all campus dining locations.