Priority Access

Some UBC students who want to live in residence—new and returning—will qualify for Priority Access and may indicate their eligibility on the application form.

Base Criteria

(must meet ALL requirements)

  1. You are eligible to live in residence based on age and academic credit load.
  2. Your application to UBC and application for residence were received on time. First year students typically apply for residence during the admissions process.
  3. You must receive and accept UBC’s offer of academic admission by June 1.

Additional Criteria

(must have ONE of the following)

  1. You are a newly admitted student who identifies as an Aboriginal person of Canada.
  2. You are a new student and have a disability or ongoing medical condition that significantly affects your housing needs. Students may indicate they are eligible on the residence application form, then must demonstrate eligibility by completing a separate application required by Access, Equity & Inclusion.
  3. You are participating in ONE of the following reciprocal university student exchange programs:
    • Go Global
    • Commerce MBA Exchange Program
  4. You are a newly admitted student who received an athletic scholarship, confirmed by UBC Athletics and Recreation.
  5. You are a newly admitted graduate student who received one of the following awards or fellowships: NSERC, MRC, SSHRC, Commonwealth, NHRDP, CIDA. Put the title of your award and your home institution on the comments section of the application. Submit supporting documents.

Please contact Student Housing and Hospitality Services or Access, Equity & Inclusion for more information.