Skeena & Nechako Construction

Skeena Residence and Nechako Housing Commons are two of UBC’s latest residence projects, which will help us meet the demand for on-campus student housing and dining facilities at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

The two residences will add approximately 440 new beds for students. Nechako Housing Commons will also feature a 500-seat residence dining room, which will serve delicious and nutritious food and provide increased social and study space.

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UBCO invests $70M in new on-campus student housing.

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Detours & Disruptions

If you currently live on campus, or you are planning to live on campus next year, please be aware that there will be some pedestrian and vehicle traffic detours and disruptions on International Mews and in the north section of Parking Lot F as a result of these construction projects. Additionally, University Walk will be closed. Please take this situation into account, particularly on move in or move out days.

Project Details


The Skeena construction site is located north & west of Purcell Residence and at the north end of Nicola Residence, along International Mews. The Nechako site is located on the north side of the University Centre (south section of the Commons Field) and extends into a section of Parking Lot F.

Construction Timeline

Skeena Residence

Construction begins in winter 2019
Construction is expected to be complete in 2020

Nechako Housing Commons

Construction begins in spring 2019
Construction is expected to be complete in 2021

Ongoing schedule

Construction will occur Monday–Friday, 7:30 am–5 pm
Workers may arrive on site, with minor work and noise occurring, before 7:30 am
Construction could be extended to weekends, if required

Info for Kalamalka, Nicola and Purcell residents

Residents at Kalamalka, Nicola and Purcell should expect to hear noise from heavy equipment, industrial traffic and construction. There will also be pedestrian and vehicle traffic disruptions in the area, along with an increased level of dust. Some residents will be less affected, if their units do not face directly onto an area under construction.

UBC ensures that safe and prudent construction practices are always followed and makes every effort to minimize impact to residents and the campus community.


Where can I learn more about these projects?
Will I still be able to use the Commons field?
We do not anticipate that use of the Commons field, located in front of Purcell and Nicola residences, will be affected during construction.
Will I still be able to use the ball hockey court behind Purcell?
We do not anticipate that use of this court will be affected during construction.
Will I hear noise in my room?
While construction noise will be kept within reasonable limits and set hours each day, every person responds to noise and disruption differently. With that in mind, we cannot anticipate if you will experience noise in your room, how noisy it will be or how the construction noise will affect you.
What if I move into Nicola, Purcell or Kalamalka and the disruptions are worse than I expected?

Once you move into Nicola, Purcell or Kalamalka, if you are dissatisfied with disruptions from these construction projects, you still have a couple of options:

  • First, speak to your RA or RLM for strategies to minimize the impact of noise disruptions
  • Ultimately, if you would prefer to live elsewhere on campus, you can apply for a room transfer.

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