At a Glance

Cassiar, Kalamalka, Nicola, Purcell, Valhalla

Most first year students live in a single connected room in Cassiar, Kalamalka, Nicola, Purcell and Valhalla residences. All residents purchase a meal plan so there’s no need to cook or clean dirty dishes.

Winter Session | Mandatory Meal Plan

Similkameen Place

Similkameen Place is the only residence at UBC Okanagan with single private rooms. Floor communities share a communal bathroom and lounge spaces. All residents purchase a convenient meal plan.

Winter Session | Mandatory Meal Plan

Lower/Upper Cascades

Lower/Upper Cascades is the perfect environment for students who enjoy living with roommates. Each townhouse-style unit has four bedrooms. Most students who choose to stay on campus for the summer live here.

Winter & Summer Session

Monashee Place

Monashee Place has many different suite types and is known for its central location. Ideal for upper year students, Monashee is a great place to meet people, get involved in residence activities, and find quiet study time.

Winter Session