Moving Out

Moving out of residence

When one student moves out of residence, another will soon move in—sometimes next term and sometimes the next day. In times of turnover, there are important steps both departing and remaining residents must follow to ensure a smooth, fair, and sustainable experience for everyone. All rooms and shared spaces should be as clean as you’d expect them to be for you. Avoid stress and conflict by following the Six Steps of a Mindful Move Out.

Six steps of the mindful move out

1. Make a plan

  • Start one month early. Spend a few hours a week packing and cleaning to avoid stress and housekeeping assessments.
  • Make a plan for disposing large, unwanted items like printers, bookshelves, mini-fridges, sports equipment, mirrors and the like. Donate items in good condition.

2. Recycle

  • Moving out sustainably means trying to recycle/donate most of your unwanted belongings. We recommend separating donations in one box, recycling and e-waste in another, and garbage last.
  • Bring items to your residence recycling area.
  • Remember: It’s great to try to reduce waste, but some items DO belong in the garbage (broken, soiled or ripped items, and half-used foods that can’t be recycled/composted).

3. Pack your stuff

  • Set aside a few hours each week for packing.

4. Clean, clean, clean

5. Redirect your mail

  • Please redirect your mail with your new address.  If you believe you will be receiving a parcel following moving out you can authorize another person to pick it up for you. Please send an email to: with their name, your name and your student number.  Any unclaimed mail will be returned to sender.  

6. Disconnect

  • Disconnect any service providers you have contracted (Shaw, Telus).

7. Depart

  • Drop off your Check Out Envelope (with your keys enclosed) to the Nicola Housing Office.  There is an after hours drop slot as well.