UBC Okanagan Emergency First Response Team

The UBC Okanagan Emergency First Response Team (UBCEFRT) is a student volunteer position intended to give students first response training and the practical application of those skills here on UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Each member of UBCEFRT will receive First Response training under BC regulations, and will be able to respond to any medical emergency for members of the campus community in an unbiased and professional fashion. While not a replacement for EMS or professional medical care, UBCEFRT is able to assist students, staff, and faculty by being on scene within 3-5 minutes.

If you require medical aid while on campus, call the Security dispatch office at 250-807-8111 with your location and the nature of the illness or injury. Either a member of the UBCEFRT or a Campus Security Guard will be on scene as soon as possible.

Any student interested in being involved in UBCEFRT will be able to fill out an application. There is no previous experience or First Aid /CPR training required! We’re merely looking for people passionate in becoming an involved student leader on campus and giving back to the campus community.

We intake new responders twice a year: September and January. Interested individuals will be provided with relevant First Aid and CPR courses once they join the team, receiving Emergency First Responder training and CPR HCP. All training is subsidized by the team, and any costs associated will be minimal (if any).

During September and January, anyone interested in joining our team will need to complete our application process. First, they will complete a paper application (look for this closer to September), giving us their background with first response, their interest, and a little more about them. Then, everyone who applies will be invited to our Try-Outs weekend. This weekend will contain components of a Standard First Aid course, allowing interested individuals to walk away with tangible skills even if they are unsuccessful at joining the team.

During this process, we will be looking for people who communicate well with others (their responder team, partner, and/or patient), think critically using their knowledge/the knowledge provided, and act professionally while caring for their patient(s). We intend to make this a fun, exciting experience for anyone interested in joining the team, and we’ll be able to provide hands-on experience through the application process. Watch for more specific information about the Try-Out process closer to, or by liking us at www.facebook.com/UBCEFRT/.

Equally, anyone with questions about this programme or who is looking for more information should email us at UBC.EFRT@ubc.ca, or message us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/UBCEFRT/.