Meal Plans

UBC Okanagan meal plans

Eating made easy

A campus meal plan is mandatory for some UBC Okanagan residents and optional for others. Meal plans have many benefits:

  • No need to cook, clean or worry about cash.
  • Healthy and sustainable food choices available.
  • Quick and easy to make purchases on-the-go with your UBCcard.
  • Track your account balance online and add dollars if needed.
  • Carries basic meal dollars and/or flex dollars.
  • Many places to eat on and off campus.

Mandatory plans

Students who live in traditional residences and Similkameen Place must purchase a mandatory meal plan. It is a declining balance plan, which means funds are deposited into an account and deducted as purchases are made. Meal plan fees vary depending on the size of plan you choose:

1. Bronze Plan—Only appropriate for students with small appetites who dine on campus during the week but rarely on weekends.
2. Silver Plan—Our default plan; for students with average appetites who dine on campus during the week and every other weekend.
3. Gold Plan—For students with large appetites who dine on campus during the week and most weekends.
4. Platinum Plan—For students with very hearty appetites who dine on campus the entire week.

Students are automatically assigned a Silver Plan when accepting a residence offer and may choose to upgrade before the second payment is due or go online to add dollars if needed.

Optional plans

Not in the mood to cook? Students in Lower/Upper Cascades and Monashee Place can choose to purchase an optional campus meal plan for convenience and savings. Meal plan fees vary depending on the size of plan you choose.

Special dietary needs

UBC’s on campus food services provider is able to accommodate specialty dietary needs related to health or religious beliefs. Please contact the food services provider for more information.

Lost & stolen cards

Freeze your account online. File a report, get a replacement card at Student Services in University Centre, then reactivate your account.

Transfers & refunds

There are two options if you have money left on your card at the end of the term:

  1. Do nothing. The balance is automatically transferred into a non-refundable Carryover Plan you can use next year. These dollars do not expire and are valid at all campus dining locations and partner locations.
  2. Request a refund within seven days of the Residence Contract expiry date. Unused Basic Meal Dollars are refunded at 66% and unused Flex Dollars are refunded at 100%, less an administration fee.

Read your Residence Contract for information about meal plan refunds before moving in.