Essential Application Facts

All residence offers are sent by email. Failure to accept the offer and pay a deposit by the required deadline will result in cancellation. Separate residence applications are required to live in residence at UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver.

Winter Session Residence—Prospective Students

  • Runs September to April.
  • Most first year students will qualify for a guaranteed room in residence and usually apply during the UBC Admissions application process in February.
  • New students can apply to live in residence directly with Student Housing and Hospitality Services by obtaining a PIN number from UBC Admissions. There’s no need to wait to be admitted to UBC to apply for residence.
  • Apply by May 1 to qualify for the guarantee.

Winter Session Residence—Returning Students

  • Runs September to April.
  • All applications are put into a computer system that randomly selects enough students to fill available spaces.
  • Apply by February 1 to qualify for the Residence Allocation Process (RAP).

Summer Stay Through and Summer Residence

About Summer Stay Through:

  • Begins at the end of Winter Session; ends in late August.
  • Reserved for students who have a current Residence Contract and want to stay in residence over the summer.

About Summer Residence:

  • Mid-May to mid-August.
  • Reserved for eligible students who do not currently live in residence.

Early Arrival

  • Check eligibility before applying.
  • Early arrivals may be placed in a different room than assigned for remainder of the Winter Session. These residents will be required to move on short notice (less than 24 hours).
  • Early arrival fees may apply.